The Emerald Connection and it’s various projects is very fortunate to have the assistance of a small number of very dedicated and knowledgeable contributors. Many thanks to  those who help us out. It would not be possible to do what we do without that assistance.

José Antonio Sierra is our Spanish/Irish Cultural Consultant. José Antonio is Spanish but spent many years working in Ireland. He is always working towards identifying, highlighting and celebrating the cultural links that exist between Ireland and Spain. José Antonio reported for dozens of international news outlets during his time in Ireland and now that he is back in Spain he continues this work. Whatever we do here at the Emerald Connection is sent across the world to relevant news outlets and continues to promote and highlight our content.

Ben Sweeney is the Producer of Morning Focus, the daily current affairs programme on Clare FM. He is a graduate of Mary Immaculate College in Limerick where he worked with the college radio station Wired FM as a presenter and producer for four years. He also worked as producer of Tipp Today, the flagship daily current affairs programme on Tipp FM for over a year. Ben is the Emerald Connection’s “ear to the ground” in Ireland year-round.

George Lee is the Brand Manager for Sporting Limerick. Throughout his career George has honed his professional communication skills. A self confessed “News Junkie” his unique slant on the world is always thought provoking. George contributes to Live on Eire and on information available through the Emerald Connection.

Patricia Trainor is a retired university teacher at the University of Malaga. She is originally from Belfast and is interested in Ireland and all things Irish. Patricia taught Irish Studies to Spanish students BUT also to Erasmus students who came from all over the world. The reaction of all of her students to what they learned about Ireland and the Irish language has always amazed Patricia and she delights in the experiences they have when they visit Ireland. She says that she often recalls the words of Salvador de Madariaga who was a Spanish Professor in the University of Oxford who suggested that the Irish seem to have more in common with the Mediterranean people than with the Northern people and he thinks we are actually a Latin tribe who got lost in the North. The similarities between the Irish people and the people of Galicia, Patricia suggests could actually prove him right!

Work in progress…. More contributors to be added